Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Tops (so far...)

Still celebrating 100 Malt Missions, continuing to deprive myself my breakfast whisky, so tomorrow and Friday we will celebrate with a few drams.

Today, I will share a few funny and interesting tidbits about the traffic that comes to his small corner of the world wide internot. I will also share what, in my humble and amateur opinion, were the most memorable tipples so far on tasting this trip...

Most popular Google Searches that have directed people to Dr. Whisky:
(pay attention, Diageo... and send rations!)
Buchanan's 12 / Bucanan's Deluxe (other variants)
Grand Old Parr / Deluxe / 18yo (slight variants)
Compass Box, or Compass Box products by name.

Most Entertaining Searches that have directed people to Dr. Whisky:

"flatulence is okay"
"skin getting oilier late thirties"
"a long term effect of mixing a banana with a pinapple"
"irish bullocks"
"burnt toast ulcer"
"cleaning mustiness from antique furniture"
"norwegian salmon flatulence"
"getting baby sucking consistently"
"iodine beer suntan"
"this was invented this month in the 1890s, it has contained many flavors even whiskey, peanut butter and ice"
"where to buy distillers yeast toronto"
"doctor Addres. Last name. First name Spain"
"doctor who adventure"
various proper names (inder marwah, matthew cowley, jessica perlitz, marcie hume, david stewart, kristin cavoukian, jon, mark and robbo, vivien immerman, michael hopert, colin harvey, beth and jed musial, johnnie walker, arthur bell, james buchanan, dr. whisky and sam simmons)

and most incredibly/appropriately

"dr prescription for scotch"

It was hard enough to settle on 3 per category.
PLEASE NOTE: this is not based on ALL whiskies, this is based on whiskies I have tried in the first 100 Malt Missions.

Top Three Whiskies I Would Reach for RIGHT NOW

Old Pulteney 12
Ardbeg Serendipity
Glengoyne 17yo

Best Budget Single Malts(£20-30)
Talisker 10
Old Pulteney 12
Glenlivet 15 French Oak Reserve

Best Budget Vatted/Blended Malts (£15-25)
Compass Box Oak Cross
Jon, Mark, Robbo (any)
Sheep Dip

Best Budget Blends (£10-20)
Black Bottle
Whyte&Mackay 12 Premium Reserve

Best Value Overall
Ardbeg Uigedail
Old Pulteney 12
Compass Box Oak Cross

Best Blended Whiskies
Dewar's 18
Buchanan's 12
Whyte&Mackay 12 Premium Reserve

Best Blended/Vatted Malt or Grain
Compass Box Oak Cross
Compass Box Hedonism (older bottling)
Ardbeg Serendipity

Best Standard Bottling Overall (current releases; ie. no single casks, discontinued, etc.)
Lagavulin 16
Glengoyne 17
Ardbeg Uigeadail

The Three I wish would Flow Eternally (ie. discontinued or otherwise unavailable whiskies)
Ardbeg Serendipity
Scapa 12
Clynelish 11, FYOB @ the Whisky Exchange

Best Overall (irrespective of price, availability, or pride/shame)
Highland Park 1976
Glenfarclas 25
Glengoyne 17

That was not easy. Very difficult to settle on answers.
Helps remind me that 100 whiskies aren't really very many, and is in fact only a tiny fraction of what is out there.
These answers will certainly change in time.
Let's move along to another hundred...

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