Friday, March 16, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #55

Glenfarclas 25yo
Single Malt Whisky
43% abv

You have to love Glenfarclas: independence, family, and butt-loads of sherry casks. There are no other distillers that have proprietary bottlings of this age and quality for such a reasonable price. Yes, Gordon&Macphail have delicious bottlings of 25 year olds that are great value(Longmorn, Balmenach 1974 CC) and their Benromach 25, but Talisker or Highland Park are the nearest and even they are £20 and £40 jumps, respectively.

More history and info can be found at Malt Mission #46 when I tasted Glenfarclas 105.


Deep and rich sherry smells, with a soft sweetness that is not punchy but warming and nestles in the nose. Slightly musty, too, well suited for library drinking (something I have yet to try at the British...)

Slightly hot for the abv%, and incredibly rich. Quick movement from sweet to dry sherry, toasted oak, and a touch of smoke. Sweet pipe tobacco and coffee beans. Cocoa powder. The finish ends quickly making it impossible for me to keep myself from reaching for another serving.


As immediately pleasing as this whisky is, it only gets better with time in the glass. And on the palate, the flavours are almost shy to reveal themselves, but again, with time the complexity and depth of flavour makes itself apparent. All-night conversation whisky.

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