Monday, January 08, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #6

Buchanan's Deluxe 12yo
Blended Scotch Whisky
43% abv

Week 2 of this malt mission. I doubt that when James Buchanan started blending he had any idea of matching his bottling design to a nation's flag colours. If he had, i imagine he would have bottled it in a red bottle with a white label to recognise his country of birth, Canada. Or blue and white for his family's roots in Scotland.

But the tri-coloured format has been of use to the brand's current owners, Diageo, who have commemorated the Columbian and Mexican Independence days (July 20, Sept 16 respectively) by dispersing tri-coloured bracelets to "support Latino pride". Perhaps the tri-coloured format is why Latin markets are the strongest for Buchanan's, rather than, say, Japan and Canada, where you cannot find the stuff.

Might also speak to why Black and White worked for the ghouls in Westminster (Black and White was born out of the 'House of Commons' blend Buchanan supplied Westminster in the 1880s, as the bottle was black and the label was white)

Buchanan's 12 has 50% malt content, with Glendullan, Dalwhinnie, Aultmore, Talisker and Caol Ila finding their way in to each bottle. For more on Buchanan's and other blends in the family tasted on Dr. Whisky, click HERE.


Peppery at first, delivers this impression to the nose in an unusual way. I would describe it as "up high", if you get what I mean; it is not something you can smell as such, but rather a sensation behind the bridge of the nose... alright, alright, dont laugh at me. Rich flowery speyside warmth opens up in time, and a whiff of smoke hovers above honey and bourbon-y vanilla. The various dimensions become more apparent with time spent in the glass, but in such soft delicate balance that it feels rude to pick it apart.

Whoa, cant type fast enough. Starts with a kiss of sherry and quickly scurries off into sweet and creamy grain whiskies for the middle. Ah, then some smokiness and those sherry flavours again, striking and tweaking like a chords on an organ, more gospel than pipe or cathedral. Toasted oak, dried fruits and tobacco flavours linger, whispering "again... again!"


I know I am not be the first to compare this to JWBlack (both blended whiskies, both creators among the 19th century whisky geniuses, same age statement, same depth of flavour) but if one could set up a race in a new market between the two, it would be interesting to see the results. JWBlack is certainly more powerful in terms of impact and delivery, but this tasty tipple is sexy in its sophisticated balance and flavour movement.

OTHERS agree, but please drink responsibly

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