Thursday, May 03, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #74

Compass Box Hedonism
Vatted Grain Scotch Whisky
43% abv

This is the first release Compass Box unleashed on the world back in 2000. In his experience at Johnnie Walker, John Glaser learned that grain whiskies had an unfair stigma about them and he was determined to remedy that unfair situation.

John believes that grain whiskies (matured in the right casks) are some of the most delicious whiskies in world. To prove his point to two doubters, John gave me and Kristin a 25yo Carsebridge, and zowie! Touchée!

What he created was completely original, unlike anything else on the market, a vatted whisky made up entirely of whiskies from grain distilleries(ie. Vatted Grain), and Compass Box has not yet ceased to be utterly innovative. The distilleries used for Hedonism include Cambus, closed since 1990, and Cameronbridge.

This is no longer an easy-to-find bottling. The current release, and all future releases, of Hedonism will be smaller, limited edition runs because, naturally, sourcing the style or quality of whisky John needs is not always easy nor guaranteed. The first of these can be seen at Malt Mission #96

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Warming grain whisky characteristics; vanilla, cream, rum and raisin. Bubblegum. Glossy paper. Meringue. Envelope seals. Some fruits, kiwi, lemon or etrog. Firm in delivery and sweetens beautifully with time in the glass. Mouthwatering, in the right mood.

Sexy, chewy and lively with flavours on the sweeter side of life. Light, even minty, calm then calamitous, then freshness followed by echoes of quality vanilla ice cream... Brown sugar and butter, coffee, carob, corn on the cob, Skor/Daim bars. Rum balls. What a ride, but certainly not for everyone. I know many people pursue salt, ash, sulphur, and peat in every dram. Well, brother, you're looking in the wrong place.


Beautifully constructed whisky, you can actually feel and taste the different ages at work with each sip. Hedonistic indeed. John Stuart Mill would be delighted at this simple pleasure.

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Unknown said...

You've entirely sold me on both Compass Box whiskies - I've tried 'em, I love 'em, and reading these entries makes me want to try them again, despite my bone-crushing hangover.

But Mill is NOT a hedonist - his utilitarianism isn't an invitation to PERSONAL pleasure maximization, it aims at the greatest pleasure for the GREATEST NUMBER - it's a social doctrine. He also firmly rejects the indulgence of "lower" pleasures (hedonistic pleasures) as being beneath the dignity of well-formed people. But maybe Compass Box isn't such a low pleasure...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should take a peek at what is hiding beneath the dignity of these well-formed plums.

Dr. Whisky said...

Okay, Dr. Political Science.

What I meant was that EVEN Mill would love and give in to this personal pleasure. Utilise that, 'tarians!

Still, probably the best (published) comment to date.