Thursday, May 31, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #94

Dewar's 18yo Founders Reserve
Blended Scotch Whisky


In 2006, Bacardi, owners of Dewar's, launched an advertising campaign using "Dewarisms", because, after all,
"If you don't advertise, you fossilize". These were lines uttered from the mouth of the irrepressible Tommy Dewar (1864-1930) and the aim was to reverse the stagnation of sales of Dewar's in the US (the blends' biggest market).

"It's a wicked world-- that's why nobody wants to leave it"

"Life is full of trials, with an occasional conviction"

"Don't question your wife's judgment. Look who she married."

See the "Dewarisms" link above for more visual examples.

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Succulent grain hook with very sweet malt below and a layer of thin smoke between. The malt is a bit shy, but eventually comes to the front offering some trail mix and more peaty smoke. Seeds(caraway, sunflower, flax) and margarine also appear. Rich and enriching.

Big in the mouth and so soft upon swallowing. Beautifully integrated flavours of citrus and chocolate-coated oaty biscuits, a touch of pepper. A real package that is best enjoyed in full-on swills. Again, mighty in the mouth physically and flavour-wise, but goes down like skin on skin. Waves of toffeed smoke waft up and the finish is refreshing with plenty of oak and a twinge of kiwi or green grapes.


Time in the glass really changes this one, a decanting whisky? Not a practice I regularly endorse with whiskies, but could be beneficial in this case. Either way, a very satisfying dram with an array of flavours that blow on your neck rather than stab you in the back.

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