Friday, May 18, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #85

Ballechin Burgundy Matured (Edradour)
Highland Single Malt Whisky

46% abv


This is real farm whisky. Young spirit, barley fired with local peat, aged in whatever cask someone could get their hands on, at Edradour, a small southern highland farm distillery.

The name is taken from another Perhshire farm distillery that closed back in 1927. Ballechin is an experimental malt made from heavily peated Edradour. This particular batch has been matured in ex-Burgundy casks and is part of a release of just 6000 bottles. There will be 'progress report' releases as the peated spirit ages in the various different casks Andrew Symington decided to use.

More on Ballechin HERE and more on Edradour at Malt Mission #43


Smoked gouda, chicory, rotting grapes, some sweet and sour malt. "Smells good" -Jed

Vegetable sweetness initially, with an emerging wave of smoke and wine characteristics. Swallows sweet and with rich dates and prune tastes. Drying oak, soup broth, campfire smoke on an autumn wool sweater/jumper. Long, lingering combo of flavours.


I am not really a peat or smoke guy, but I actually really dig this whisky. Lots of rich wine sweetness beneath a fiery smoke that floats and flavours the meats and cheeses in the malt. Bloody expensive, though.

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