Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #82

Bushmills Malt 10yo
Single Malt Irish Whisky

40% abv



The first Irish I have had in this Malt Mission.

Like Scottish distilleries Auchentoshan and Hazelburn, Bushmills in Ireland is made from two different kinds of malts, one unpeated and one slightly peated, and is triple distilled in the traditional Irish way. Only 16 miles west of Islay, Bushmills insists it is the oldest distillery in the world. True? Not true? Don't really care right now.

It is the largest distillery in Ireland and, in addition to this 10 year old, produces a 16 year old Triple Wood and a 21 year old, as well as blends Black Bush, 1608, and Original.

This dram is raised to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of an inviting, inspiring, and impossibly hilarious Ed Musial.


Corn syrup, Sprite or 7-Up, wine spritzer. Sour apples, goat's cheese, some spice. Not overly inviting.

Hot on the tongue. Raw corn, burnt toffee, old moldy/mouldy wood. Bran. Green apples, brown sugar and oak.


None of us really understand... why? Could be our mood. But Jed still managed to down three drams while Beth and I sat reluctantly drinking our first. Either way, God bless you, Ed. Cheers, Slainthe, and know you are loved.

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Jason Debly said...

Your review is consistent with my view as well as many others. This seems to be a big disappointment, especially when it ponies up next to its younger sibling, Black Bush. The latter outshines the former consistently.