Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #92

Dewar's White Label
Blended Scotch Whisky
40% abv



The first in a string of Dewar's blends we are going to have this week (
other Dewar's HERE).

John Dewar established his wine and spirit business in 1846 and by the 60’s
began selling his own blended whiskies in branded bottles rather than jars or small casks. The salesman skills of his son, Tommy, led Dewar’s White Label to huge success in London and the international market by the 1890s. In 1892, he began a two year world tour in which he would enlist 32 agents in 26 countries. More on this tomorrow.

Check out THIS video about the Dewars Wall Ads in NYC.

Dewar's is #5 in the world in terms of sales, #1 in the US, and more of an oddity in the UK, moving around 4 million cases per year worldwide.

Malts included at one time or another: Aberfledy, Aultmore, Benrinnes, Craigallachie, Glen Ord, and Royal Brackla


Bright with youth. Pepper, gravy, chilli powder, taco spice. Green chillies. But that's the good news. After this comes an organic acid smell, a touch of vinegar. Some fresh cookies or sponge cake saves the day late in the game.

Nice plum pudding start that turns into bar floor after a busy Saturday night: boozy and barfy. Some toffee emerges creating a bittersweet balance. Surprisingly long finish.


Pow. Not subtle, but good, distinct separation of malt and grain, toasty toffee and vanilla. Real spirit caramel presence, E150. Not awful.

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Anonymous said...

I have a question..curious if you know the particulars on the Dewar's White label? My dad has these bottles that he thinks are 1968 b/c the paper seal over the lid says 68. It's a 86.8 proof and I know the newer ones are 80 proof. Do you know anything abouto this bottle?