Thursday, May 17, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #84

Linie Aquavit
Løiten Brænderis Destillation
41.5% abv
429.90 Kr

Gratulerer med dagen! Today is Norweigian Constitution Day, a big deal in this family, a HUGE thing with Norwegians around the world, and a great party for those of us lucky enough to take part. To commemorate, we will taste aquavit today.

Distilled with potato or grains, Aquavit is a Scandanavian spirit often infused with herbs and seeds, and is available in many different forms that vary in flavour and colour, depending on time spent in oak casks.

This is the biggest brand of Aquavit in Norway and is matured in sherry casks as it travels by sea over the equator twice, hence the name Linie, or 'line', Aquavit. Between 1919 and 1926 it was unavailable to buy, and could only be obtained through prescription from your doctor.

The gaelic root of the term 'whisky' is uisge beatha, which means the same thing as eau de vie and aquavit, the water of life. Let's drink this water and hope for happy lives.

Happy Norway Day!!!


Salt, caraway seeds, cheddar cheese, young spirit and some mint.

Soft with vanilla off the top and some sherry oak character, slightly medicinal, toothpasty, and very warming with spice and baked potatoes.


Off-putting at first for some, but really quite appetising. Would certainly match well with certain festive foods. The taste was quite gentle and rich and wholly palatable. Despite the bad reputation this stuff tends to have, I have had some whiskies in this malt mission that were worse. And over an evening (or day) the stuff gets better and better.

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