Monday, May 28, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #91

Aberfeldy 12 yo
Single Malt Whisky

40% abv



It seems we are gonna make it to 100 in this Malt Mission. Still blows my mind. And even though it is a Bank holiday Monday here (long weekend), there ain't no rest for the mission.

This week we'll be drinking our way through the Dewar's range of blends and start with the heart of the range, Aberfeldy (Other Dewar's HERE). In 1896, the Dewar family decided to build Aberfeldy to guarantee a supply of a good blending malt whisky to be used in Dewar's White Label.

Distillation began in 1898 (a tough time for the whisky industry), but apart from short closures during wartime, Aberfeldy has been in continuous production ever since. In 1998, Dewar's and Aberfeldy became a part of the Bacardi company
in what was one of the most expensive purchases in whisky history. It included Bombay Sapphire and 4 other malt distilleries. In 2000, they built the Dewar's World of Whisky "exhibition and interactive centre" at the distillery near Perth, Scotland. It receives 40,000 visitors a year.

Tasted with Colin Harvey at The Whisky Exchange at Vinopolis. His notes appear in quotes.


Perfumy aromas, fragrant with apple skins and fudge. Freshly baked goods in a flat full of flowers. Bourbony creamininess, toffee. "Green wood. Bracken, stubble burning. Butterscotch."

Instantly sweet, fudge and oak again. Sappy or waxy. There is a mint gum element, cinnamon. "Green-ness, not quite sappy, but succulent."


Completely pleasant nose, spicy, creamy and inviting. But on the palate, it all sort of falls flat, like cold tea. Michael Jackson has called this malt 'lively', but we found nothing of the sort. That being said, we found nothing unpleasant about the stuff. Colin summarised with "not doing much for me."

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