Friday, May 09, 2008

Spirit of Toronto 2008

Tomorrow, Saturday May 10 2008, is another SPIRIT OF TORONTO whisky gala at Roy Thomson Hall. This event is put on by the knowledgeable, talented, and fiercely independent Johanna Ngoh. To understand the latter descriptor we must appreciate that in Ontario there is a wine and spirits monopoly called the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) that, in many ways, decides how booze business AND pleasure operates in Ontario. The former Single Minded blogger and other passionate whisky lovers started this grassroots event only to be usurped by the LCBOs power when they endorsed WhiskyLIVE Toronto and placed the event in direct calendar competition with Ngoh's Spirit of Toronto and placed a few other logistical obstacles in her way.

Nonetheless, the Spirit of Toronto has persisted and this year, unlike WhiskyLIVE, boasts some unparalleled masterclasses, a beautiful venue, dozens of malt whiskies that are otherwise unavailable in Totalitario, and no dram vouchers! It has been called "a whisky lover's dream."

So yes, the ticket price may initially seem high, but when you calculate what you receive as a guest, it is worth every penny and there is nothing comparable in this part of the world. It is $105 in advance[
(416) 872-4255 or on the website of the Roy Thomson Hall)] and $135 at the door.

Support a local, show YOUR Spirit of Toronto, and go to the show Saturday May 10 at Roy Thompson Hall from 6:30-10:30pm.

See you there! Come by the Whisky 101 stall and say "Hi!"
Looking for info on Spirit of Toronto 2009?

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