Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #295

Lonach "A Confidential Distillery in Speyside"
41 yo, 1966
Duncan Taylor
43.9% abv

Yeah, I know. I disappeared for a bit. Get used to it. Things are changing in Dr. Whiskyland but I assure you that for no matter how many days this site remains silent, the clinic will always remain open. Now here's the doctor with a 41 year old... um... with a 41 year old...

So, from what distillery does this whisky come? Here are some clues.

- This is one of the few family controlled distilleries in Scotland
- Their stills are direct fired (by gas)
- I have not had a drop from this distillery for over 100 malt missions (although I have enjoyed it a few times with friends since November).
- The family behind this distillery shares their surname with other distilling family patriarchs William, John and James.
- This distillery famously forbids others from releasing their product under the distillery name, though it has certainly happened on occasion. The working title for this particular release was "Far A Bouts".

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Deep and inviting like a cool lake in the sweat of summer. Has a toasted or baked character, cherry turnover, subtle oakiness. Hints of sherry, grape candy powder (Fun Dip?) and perfumy like shoe polish.

Much more toasty than the nose indicated, pleasantly fungal and oily verging on rubbery. Early sweetness is shortlived. Celery, pickled turnips, slightly metallic or even bloody. Good balsamic vinegar, oak, and the taste of eating carnations.


Hard, tired oak, but with a great nose. Not unpleasant, but certainly challenging on the palate after the initial sweetness and like a 41 year old athlete after an injury, it never really recovers.

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