Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best Pubs in Edinburgh, Part 6

The White Horse Bar
266 Canongate
Edinburgh, Scotland

Located just around the corner from The Waverley (see yesterday's post), The White Horse Bar is probably the only other place in the whole Royal Mile area that has not suffered a makeover for the benefit of tourists. No, this little gem caters to locals and it is mainly locals who fill the tiny interior (6 stools at the bar and three tables along one wall), although tourists and strangers will be sure to receive a warm welcome, so don't be shy.

This pub is located just outside what would have been the old Flodden Wall (read a bit about the old town here), the gates of the city (hence the name of The End of the World pub on the opposite side of the intersection. When on this strip called the high street, royal mile, and canongate at different sections, tourists would be well advised to take note that if you are walking uphill you are going towards the castle and if you are walking downhill you are walking towards the palace. Helpful to know when by "walking" you mean "stumbling" back to your hotel/b&b/etc.

And as much as I want it to be true, I have recently learned that this is not the old coach house and inn after which White Horse whisky was named, but why the hell not go in and order a Lagavulin anyways?

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