Monday, July 28, 2008

Best Pubs in Edinburgh, Part 5

Just so we are clear, this not a "top 5" list, but it is a list of Dr Whisky's picks for best pubs in Edinburgh; places you really ought to drop a few pounds, slide back a few pints, and spend a few hours if and when in Scotland's capital city. In no particular order.

The Waverley Tavern
3-5 St. Mary's St.
Edinburgh, Scotland


First thing is first: like many whiskies enjoyed on this malt mission, this pub is not going to appeal to everyone. It kind of smells, has a very limited selection of drinks, and the bathrooms are pretty minging. But it is an old school classic in a stretch of touristy hell holes on the high street with, I think, a really gorgeous front facade and it is a place that I remember fondly... even the night that the whole red carpet was soaked and squishy under your feet from a bout of heavy rain and a structural leak.

McEwans Export is served in classic glass beer mugs and the drams of Teachers, Black Label, Laphroaig and Macallan come in at £2 or less. Match that with a well-dressed proprietor and the few attractive young ladies he hires to work around him and you have a pretty excellent drinking experience.

They also have an extra space upstairs if you are a larger group or just want a little privacy away from the bar.

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Anonymous said...

How many "parts" will follow?

Best regards

Dr. Whisky said...

Unknown. Until my nostalgia for a city I called home for 4 years is all spent up, I imagine.
Why? You miss the mission? It'll be back soon enough.