Thursday, July 17, 2008

Best Pubs in Edinburgh, Part 2

Sandy Bell's
25 Forrest Rd.
Edinburgh, Scotland
0131 225 1156

With customers from open til close (and often after... shhhh), Sandy Bell's is as welcoming as an old friend's hug. While the pints are oddly priced (£2.73 or something), there is always a malt of the month worth enjoying. The whisky selection is reasonable and reasonably priced and the best thing is that you will note that people actually are drinking the stuff. The people's dram as it should be, in the palms of the people. And the budget blend Black Bottle on optic for, I think, £1.75, is not to be missed.

Come before 9pm if you are scared of fiddles. Live folk music from different local boozehounds nightly. Once enjoyed,Sandy Bell's is a pub never forgotten and eternally missed.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, sounds like a real gem. I'd love to have a hootenanny pub in my neck of the woods. Hopefully I'll get to check this place out myself someday.

Anonymous said...

"Sandy Bell's is a pub never forgotten and eternally missed" Never were truer words spoken, or written.

Matthew said...

Ah, Sandy Bells. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

ah, sandy. I loved you
I loved you through and through
I loved you since in uni school
When we were sniffing glue
I loved you purty baby doll
And I don't know what in the world to do about it

Unknown said...

Also a great place for a quiet night out, say, before catching a plane to Italy the next day.