Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best Pubs in Edinburgh

Best bars in Edinburgh
So I think I will (finally?) make a list of what I think are the best bars or pubs in Edinburgh, Scotland. It's been asked of me by friends, family and Dr. Whisky readers on MANY occasions so maybe if I write it here I will never have to answer the question again!

Now remember, this probably means best whisky pub rather than best dance and/or cocktail bar. It is tourist season and Edinburgh can triple its population over the summer months. Here's a post to help you tourists avoid the wrong drinking holes. Life is to short to spend time at mediocre public houses.

Now, I like a pub that sells good cask ales and good whisky. Most of all, however, is that I resent being gouged for a dram of Scottish spirit IN Scotland. As a result you will not see any of the usual suspect whisky bars (you know who I mean) on this list because if a whisky drinker has to put up with piss-poor service and pay a minimum of £4 for a drop of the water of life, you know the bar doesn't give a shit about either water OR life.

So I tend to like what some would call "old man pubs": places that have 80/- shilling (Caledonian or other) on tap, at least one malt of the month/moment, veteran boozers holding up the bar, and patrons who don't look at you strange for expressing an opinion or two.

So HERE are Dr. Whisky's picks for the Best (whisky) Pubs in Edinburgh, or at least, the best places to drink whisky in Edinburgh.

One at a time. Possibly even daily!


Dubber said...

Hey Doctor Whisky!

If you're going to make a top 5 list, you should do it at 5alist.com.

There are a few of us whisky enthusiasts already there, and your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

Sam, what abt the waverley, 'the old man's pub' ?