Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Best Pubs in Edinburgh, Part 7

...continuing our ever-extending list of the best pubs or bars in Edinburgh to enjoy all the good stuff one does in pubs and bars...

Royal Oak
1 Infirmary St.

Edinburgh, Scotland


So it's last call at the pub you love and you couldn't stomach going to a ra-ra dance club on George St. or a no-entry fee, 5 floor meat market (Espionage, anyone?) in the old town, and your drunk logic insists on consuming one more pint. The best place to keep taking your medicine like an old man is at The Royal Oak.

Usually about 15 single malts to be had, well kept ales and cold lagers, and live "folk" music (meaning acoustic music played by some old folks) in the corner, the Oak will always provide you with one last drink while reinforcing the fact that, really, you should go home.

Sunglasses advised if you can't bear the brightness of this gem. And if you can't handle te vibe upstairs (really, the place to be) check out the basement, often as uncomfortable as it is unforgettable. For a full Royal Oak experience, talking to strangers is strongly advised.

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Unknown said...

Yes, this is the place for 'one for the road'. I remember going there for a pint of Guinness with WOLS friends after a summerclub meeting up at the crags.