Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #247

Glengoyne Burnfoot
Highland Single Malt Whisky
40% abv
$50 (USD)

Burnfoot was the original name of Glengoyne distillery. This new travel-retail-exclusive release was launched in October 2007 and while it uses the 1833 name of the distillery it also boasts some very modern elements in its packaging (fluorescent GPS inspired box design) sharing a conceptual approach with another whisky in Ian Macleod Distillers range, Smokehead.

Glengoyne Burnfoot has no age statement but contains whiskies up to 34 years old. It was created to "represent a cross section of the Glengoyne character," offering a slightly fresher and sweeter taste than some of the other variants in the Glengoyne range. "Glengoyne Burnfoot is a whisky that has gone back to the future," says Iain Weir of Ian Macleod. "Burnfoot combines almost 200 years of whisky-making expertise with a twist of 21st century creativity. The result is a subtle and complex whisky." Let's see.

For more distillery info and to see all Glengoynes has on the mission click HERE.


A very consonant and chordal nose of a flour-dusted wood counter tops, some juniper, lemon, pears, green gummy bears and black tea.

Interesting and divergent. Tight and crisp but also quite rounded in the flavour impact. Some older casks in here, I think, there is some mustiness and a great intermingling of fruit, some gin, almonds, honey and oats.


Tasty, but not exceptional, and not exceptionally Glengoyne. It is light but also shows great depth. There is something very familiar about it, it is as clean as I remember the Glengoyne 10 (which we will have on the mission in the coming weeks) but there is more sherry, and the finish is long, dense, and oaky. It is an easy drinking mouthful that isn't obvious or boasting about its quality. So subtle and complex is a fair description, Iain. Worth getting your hands on.

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Jonathan Mendelsohn said...

Doctor, doctor!!! You have all these fancy and often unusual prescriptions but I ask you, would it not be possible to post a top ten, or at least faves that you'd find at the local liquor store, convenience store or izakaya when in Japan.

I mean if I have to choose between Johnny Black, Macallan 12 yr and Bowmore, what's a chap to do?

Dr. Whisky said...

Hi Jon,
Don't really 'score' drams on Dr. Whisky and don't really 'rank' as such on this whisky blog either, but after each century of malt missions there have been The Tops So Far posts where I pick, well, the tops so far. Patients also send emails with specific questions and they are always welcome. re. your triple-threat question I say buy all three, if you want... they are different beasts and don't overlap profile-wise.
For Japanese info, see Chris Bunting's Nonjatta