Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #252

McClelland's Lowland
Single Malt Scotch Whisky




Tomorrow (Wednesday) Kevin Erskine of Inebrio and The Scotch Blog will announce the 2007 winners of his people's choice awards, The Drammies. Dr. Whisky was a nominee for best new product and I want to thank all of you folks out there who voted. So this week, in gratitude, we will have whiskies "of the people," no single casks, no £100 bottles, no limited editions. This week we will taste our way through the popular and affordable regional malt whiskies from McClellands.

McClellands single malts are produced by Morrison Bowmore distillers and are the first stop for many budgeted whisky travellers the world over. We have had the whiskies from Ian Macleod Distillers who also do a regional entry-point series (see HERE).

These are single malt whiskies for people who are new to the world of single malt whisky or who are not prepared to spend more than thirty bucks on a bottle of booze. They are gentle drams that are chosen to be representative of the diversity of each region of production AND they are not expensive enough to deter potential buyers from taking the plunge.


Gentle and juicy. Apple pie, bubblegum, soft spice of cloves and cinnamon.

Nothing on tip of tongue, all in the back. Strange, but very easy to drink as the impact is so gentle. Grassy, dandelions, tea, even some milk, and a lingering woodiness.


Very passive in its expression of flavours, if you know what I mean. A more blunt way to describe it would be "flat." Loved the juicy nose. Very friendly and a great way to enter the world of Scottish whisky... from the south.

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