Friday, February 01, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #240

Mackmyra Preludium 06
Svensk Whisky
50.5% abv

We have had the Preludium 03 and 05 so far on the mission (Malt Mission #104 and Malt Mission #239) and today we will be having the newest release, not yet available in the UK, Mackmyra Preludium 06. The style of this release is "frisk svensk rök", fresh Swedish smoke. This is made from barley that has been dried over a juniper and peat fire, matured for 4 years in first fill bourbon casks and then mixed with spirit that has matured in small, 100-litre American oak casks. It is made up of spirit from the pilot distillery (1999-2002) and the contemporary one (2002-now). See their site for more.

This was released at Systembolaget in Sweden at the beginning of December and by all accounts it sold out in about two minutes. See this man's VIDEO of his attempt to find a bottle. All you need to understand is that 'slut' ("SLOOT") means finished/the end/sold out. When I have worked retail, all but one bottle of Mackmyra I sold was to Swedes. Seems Sweden is almost single handedly supporting Mackmyra. Amazing. 12,000 bottles, this release. (Was it all in Sweden?) That is national pride. And an obsessive enjoyment of barley spirit.

Big thanks to Lars for the samples (today and yesterday). Not sure what Mackmyra Preludium 06 will retail for in Britain so will change price once it hits shelves.


The now signature array of pine, gin/juniper, and dough comes off first with a cloud of Tube dust or stale smoke following. Perfumy like nailpolish, but some nice banana and ice cream sweetness all with a aura of smoke.

Lots of caramel and vanilla initially but upon swallowing the abv explodes with flavours of burnt wood, taste of the smell of (does one even need to say that?) pan toasted pepper and mustard seeds, and a really unexpected tinned fishiness. A bit of hummus earthiness, too. Salt. Finish brings us back into oaky territory with candied sweetness and vanilla tea, with a final breath of smoke.


Complex nose matched by a complex palate, though I think either age or marrying would allow the flavours to bind a bit better. Metallic taste surprised me but was kept in line with banana and vanilla. Like a teenager just figuring herself out, the attitude is erratic at best, the clothes don't necessarily match, and they don't necessarily match the individual. But still, she's a good kid and her family loves her.
All in all I think it is the best Mackmyra I have yet had. The 02 (not tasted for mission) is probably second favourite. But this stuff needs to grow up and after letting us experience the adolescence of this promising new distillery, that maturity is something to be excited for.

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