Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #258

Benriach 1984, 22yo
Single Malts of Scotland
Speyside Single Malt Whisky
53.2% abv

Seagrams [the Canadian company under whose ownership many distilleries nearly vanished from the earth forever] neglected this speyside distillery when it was in their control (1978-2001) but today, in the capable hands of a passionate team of talented whisky makers, BenRiach is a critically acclaimed and widely well-regarded malt whisky.

Single cask expressions of BenRiach have been available over the past few years and Single Malts of Scotland have released a few now-legendary bottlings, especially those from the peated spirit that BenRiach produced. The distillery was producing peated spirit (since 1983) and unpeated spirit to provide for Seagrams' blended whiskies. I am quite excited to sink my teeth in.

All Single Malts of Scotland bottlings had on the mission can be seen HERE. For more BenRiach distillery (pronoucned ben-REE-akh) info and to see all whiskies from the distillery had on the mission, click HERE.


Mmm, sweet and creamy but full of smoke. Peaches, yogurt, vanilla icing, raw chicken, carrot cake, and even a sour note like grapefruits or hard kiwis. With time, some raw fish or pickled cauliflower. Smoke and matches are in the conversation of flavour, but the juicy sweetness is speaking with the loudest voice.

Bam! Big impact that is sweet, burnt, and peaty. Honey, spice, pepper, charred bacon fat, citrus, wood toothpick that you have had in your mouth for too long. A bit of a coffee flavour in there as the finish of peat, brown toast, and marmalade linger. Bacon crisps and beef jerky flavours as well. It goes on...


Um... total complete sweet peat treat. Delicious.

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