Sunday, September 06, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #365

Armorik Whisky Breton
Single Malt Whisky

40% abv



It's taken me a heck of a long time to finish this "week" of world/non-Scotch whiskies here on this whisky/whiskey blog, or as a friend called it, Dr. Whisky's Casebook. And I think we are going to try another five world whiskies at the encouragement of a reader who challenged me to uphold my promise now that I live in the Etats Unis and taste more American spirit.

This drop is from France and is distilled at the Warenghem Distillery in Lannion, Brittany. Like
stinky cheese, pâté, cornichons, and the baguette, Scotch whisky is ubiquitous in the French pantry. Still the worlds leading importer of Scotch whisky, France chugs back nearly 13 million cases of the liquid gold per annum, and the Cognac producers shake their heads in defeat and say, "c'est dommage."

Released in 1999, Amorik is widely available in France and has limited availablilty in the rest Europe, although I have seen it popping up in new places, most recently at Binny's in Chicago/Chicago/Chicago.


Vanilla and wine. Greasy, tarry, shoe polish, a savoury saltiness, like bouillon, with a light floral perfumy character throughout.

Dry and dusty, mossy, too, with a caramel apple-laden lift. Perhaps some ginger powder. Simple and light.


For origin and flavour, this is truly unusual stuff with more than just novelty appeal, and although I cannot think of ever coming home and saying, "man, I could really go for a drop of that Breton malt," I would keep a bottle on the shelf. But I am a fricking nerd.

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dodgydrammer said...

Sounds like its worth a taste, but do you think the 40% bottling stands up against "real" scotch (ie, scotch that appeals to the contemporary consumer, bottled at a more substantial abv)?