Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #364

Mackmyra Special '01
'Eminent Sherry'
Swedish SIngle Malt Whisky
51.6% abv
£80 (plus)

Not only a pioneer in Swedish whisky making but in whisky making across Europe, and indeed the world, the first Swedish whisky distillery spawned another in Spirit of Hven (2007) and inspired a look-alike bottle from Stauning in Denmark. But there are malt distilleries across mainland Europe, in France, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany...

And outside of Scotland, the best named distillery has got to be Gold Cock Distillery in Czech Republic. Become a friend of the Gold Cock today! Seriously.

In description of this 2008 limited release matured in ex-sherry barrels, the clean and easy to navigate Mackmyra website reads, "a cold winter's evening, crackling fire and good company to share the moment with. It is for moments this such as this that we have created Eminent Sherry. A taste that lasts a long time." As we all know, a long-lasting taste is only a positive feature so long as the taste is good.

For more distillery info and to see all Mackmyra had on the malt mission, click HERE.


Cocoa, vanilla beans, chocolate brownies, celery salt, figs, and butterscotch. Gala apples emerge with teh addition of water, raisins, and a nice oaky creaminess throughout.

Raisin fruitiness, oak, and extremely drinkable at this higher strength. Water increases the fruity sweetness and the finish is woody and mineral-y.


Impressive, and although showing signs of youth there is nothing immature about it. A very tasty, interesting, and satisfying drop. Mackmyra continues to impress, but your pay for the privilege of proof.

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Joshua (Yossi) said... has this for £56.99 Incl. VAT
£49.56 Excl. VAT

I know this is called Eminent Sherry but, how sherried is it? Would you compare it to the A'bdunh or the Macallan 12yr for sherriness?

Dr. Whisky said...

Thanks for those price leads, Yossi.

Eminent, as in the sherried notes stand out (compared to other Mackmyras so far), but by no means sherried to the level of the Abunadh, Macallan CS, or The Balvenie 17y Sherry Oak

Steffen said...

Stauning and Braunstein is two different distilleries

Dr. Whisky said...