Monday, August 24, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #363

Mackmyra First Edition
Mackmyra 1st Edition
Swedish Single Malt Whisky
46.1% abv

$85 (USD)

Mackmyra is a small success story from an adorable wee distillery 2 hours north of Stockholm and this is their "first edition", an expression that followed the experimental, popular, and critically acclaimed Preludium series.

Released in June 2008, Mackmyra First Edition is matured in a variety of casks: about 50% first-fill bourbon, 45% smaller 100-litre oak casks, and about 5% Swedish oak casks, all matured in a mine 50 metres underground.

For more distillery info or to see all Mackmyra had on Dr. Whisky's Malt Mission, click HERE.


Light estery fruitiness with dense vanilla overtones. Creamy, oaky, but youthful. Lemony labne. Some rose water, floral notes, and a persistent vanilla/custardy sweetness that is deeply appealing.

Sweet and light, peaches, watermelon rind, and lychee fruit. Some parsley and basil. Creamy on the palate as well, yogurty. Grainy with notes of granola or other cereals. Vanilla again, like waffle cones, in the finish.


A deLIGHTful treat. Sweet, light, aperitif style whisky with a solid oak backbone. Water reveals new make-y notes that implicates the whisky's age, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Spritely, estery, and exciting whisky from an increasingly exciting distillery.

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Unknown said...

Can you suggest a US source for this? I've been on the search but have yet to find any online stores based in the US which carries this brand.


Dr. Whisky said...

From Mackmyra

"Our whisky is not avaliable in the US, yet. But hopefully we will be present in Manhattan before march 2010. We've met and are talking to importers and stores in New York. What will hapen after that is hidden in the stars :-) But we love America and I personally would like to do a road trip with our whisky to the west coast.


In the meantime, I know of a few outstanding online whisky shops in the UK that will ship to you.

Unknown said...

Yes, I've bought from some of the UK shops (sometimes the only way to get certain drops, like this) but the shipping costs can be pretty steep. Sometimes more than the actual bottle itself...

Decisions, decisions... Thanks!

Kevin Clark said...

"The first 'big' release from this Swedish distillery. I’m very impressed. It’s youthful, but not immature. Very intriguing too. Bright notes of ripe orchard fruit and soothing vanilla cream on the nose and palate, along with more subtle bramble, silky honey and caramel, toasted coconut, marshmallow, bread dough and grist. Teasing smoke emerges occasionally, adding to this whisky’s delight. Clean, toasted oak finish. I particularly enjoy the complex interplay between the fruit and sweetness. A fun whisky with a playful personality.I enjoy it with my cigars which i buy from online Cigar Shop.