Thursday, September 20, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #159

Cutty Sark 18 yo
Blended Scotch Whisky

The old motto went, "Remove the cork and get the message." Cutty Sark is named after the famous clipper... which was named after the witch in Burns' poem "Tam O'Shanter"... who is named after the Scots expression for a short-cut shirt. Cutty Sark made a name for itself by finding routes into America during prohibition via Canada and the Caribbean.

This is part of the extended range of aged expressions from Cutty Sark. It is joined by the 12, the 15 (which i noticed in abundance at the LCBO when I was home last week), the 25, and the standard unaged blend. the 18yo is sometimes referred to as 'Discovery'.

London is still recovering from a fire that destroyed much of the clipper in Greenwich. News HERE.

More info on Cutty Sark and all expressions tasted on the mission can be found HERE.


Initially extremely light and friendly, but by no means simple, with a buttery creaminess, nectarines, sherry undertones, and a gentle olive-oil-type of spiciness. Meaty.

Very nutty, spicy, and quite refreshing, actually. Stone fruits, cream, and a faint appearance of peat. Raw red meat, lamb? The organic flavours give way to more processed ones: freshly developed photos. Cardboard. Brown paper towels in public washrooms. Long nutty finish.


Another blend where the grains take a back seat and let the malts do all the driving. Easy drinking but with character. A little something for the adventurous in the meaty, oily flavours while retaining mass appeal.

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