Monday, May 07, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #76

Dr. Whisky Now Taking New Patients at The Scotch Blog

The mission today takes the form of a guest posting at The Scotch Blog, tasting Jon, Mark, and Robbo's Fresh, Fruity One and being the first (I think?) to announce the end of The Easy Drinking Whisky Company (everywhere but in USA). Sure, it is hard to be surprised when we saw it was de-listed at LCBO months ago, discontinued at OddBins here in UK, and that David 'Robbo' Robertson was leaving for Whyte & Mackay; all signs pointed towards FIN.

Kevin Erskine of The Scotch Blog, arguably the whisky blog of all whisky blogs, recently asked me to make a few contributions and this will hopefully be the first of, well, some...

It is a bank holiday Monday/long weekend here in Britain. The Malt Mission will continue as normal tomorrow.

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