Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #354

Bunnahabhain 1988 17yo
Malt Trust
Islay Single Malt Whisky
53.3% abv

Just back from a brilliant stretch spent in Scotland for work. Yes, I get to call traipsing across Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dufftown, Campbeltown and Islay "work". I get to call spending my days with Andys Weir and Forrester, David Sole, David Stewart, Charlie Maclean, Richard Paterson, Pete Currie, John Campbell, Jim McEwan and Duncan MacGillivray (among others) "work". Still blows my mind and I remain so very grateful to be such a lucky sumvabitch.

And it seems I better get back to the Malt Mission before someone steals my format even further (Really?). I appreciate all the "where the hell are you?" emails and comments and promise I have been kept busy and far away from a laptop. But I have plenty of treats to share and am determined to get more than a handful out before the end of the month. It will happen, or my name isn't Dr.!!!

Independent bottler Malt Trust was founded in 2006 by Florida-based Joel Gosler, a former William Grant & Sons USA employee. I tried to get more information online with little luck so Pat McCarthy at the excellent Bayway Liquors put me in touch with Joel directly. Unfortunately, he didn't divulge much more information so all I've got is that David Bromige designed the label. Great. I am sure that is exactly what you were after.

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Tasted with IM. His notes appear in quotes.


Chocolate, cherries, sherry and toffee. "All you smell in this is all the sherry notes". Vanilla and sherry-soaked oak. Pecan pie and char on a bbq.

Bitter and rooty, agnostura and Campari. Barely sweet but some chocolate. "Yeah, my mother's chocolate that tastes like dust and earth." Yeah, the kind of chocolate you stole from the counter when your mom was baking. "Regretfully." Water helps a touch with toasted almonds, burnt pine nuts, and cinnamon.


Sherried whisky? Totally. A friendly price? Yeah. Bunnahabhain? Not really.

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Matthew said...

Welcome back, Dr. Whisky!

Mark Connelly said...

Yeehaw! Blog war!!!

Joshua (Yossi) said...

Welcome back! I was worried that you were kidnapped by Iranian terrorists or worse, you'd gotten out of the whisky business!!!

Happy to have you back and looking forward to reading more of your new missions.

Yossi (sans the pussy cats)

mkoutsoukos said...

I like your blog. I am a fan of whisky myself. Glad you enjoyed your trip & thanks for the great tips.


mkoutsoukos said...

I like your blog. I am a fan of Whisky myself. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for the great information.


mkoutsoukos said...

I like your blog. I am a fan of Whisky myself. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for the great information.


Jeff Lopez said...

Oh i feel you had a very long, busy & stressful time in Scotland.Even you could not reply to your emails & comments.I think you have great inclination for whiskey which is quite evident from this article.Its nice to know that you are researching on the quality of whiskey which is good news for the drinkers by which they can get some quality drinks as per their price.I feel some should also show such keen interest for Cigars so that people can know more about their favorite brands like Cohiba etc.

Dr. Whisky said...

People, if you want me to link to your whisky or cigar site just ask.

Thanks for the comments.