Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #352

Bunnahabhain 1997 10yo
"Heavily Peated", cask 5366
Signatory Vintage
Islay Single Malt Whisky
60% abv

The peaty spirit being produced at Bunnahabhain (boonahawvin) is called "moines" and the contents of this puppy are of that variety. Some have hypothesised that some of the no-age statement peaty/islay brands on the market with mystery contents are actually some of this peaty Bunnahabhain. Very possible, Watson.

For more distillery info or to see all Bunnahabhains had on the mission, click HERE.

This was a wedding gift from BK. Thank you, you lovely Japanadian, bass-playing goalie.


Cranberries, plums, soil and salt. Faint eggy notes with gummy bears, sour cherries, and a general fruitiness that is quite appealing.

Cigarette butts and Halls lozenges, brownies, burnt crispy bits of cheese under the broiler, custard, raisins, and a puff of exhaust. Lengthy finish of sweet sherry and tarry smoke.


If you have been narrow minded enough to call Bunnahabhain the boring Islay malt, then it is about time you revisit it. Not that this is outstandingly delicious whisky, but it is outstandingly stand-out-ish. And those who like 'em down and dirty will drool over this sold out gem.

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David said...

Whisky "Embrujo de Granada"
We want to know something about this.
The whisky from the South Europe.
Thanks a lot.

TramadoLinx(noturOnlinecrazyPharmacy) said...

Good review; however, I find it particularly interesting and amusing that you used such descriptions to associate or connote the tasting notes.