Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #353

Bunnahabhain Darach Ur
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
46.3% abv


Hi. Long time no see.

I know I promised a "week" of Islay whiskies and while these few past and few forthcoming posts are all Islay malts, they certainly have not been posted over a week. I want to get Dr. Whisky up to frequency he once had, I really do. Any tips? Advice? Serge, how the hell do you do it? I bow in the presence of all new whisky bloggers (Whisky for Everyone, Cask Strength, Edinburgh Whisky Blog, and many others) who in one way or the other followed in my footsteps/appeared in my wake but have proceeded leaps and bounds beyond what I am currently doing. Keep it up, lads; the world needs independent voices preaching the gospel of whisky. And your presence makes me feel less guilty for considering money-generating options to motivate increased activity on Dr. Whisky...

This duty free bottling of Bunnahabhain takes its name from the gaelic term DARACH UR, "oak new" and I couldn't find any good pics to steal online.

Duty Free-only bottlings are an increasingly popular item for distillers as they allow for a global reach of a single product without needing a huge production. I saw a few fun bottlings at the duty free when in the UK last week and I look forward to travelling to Scotland in July and rekindling my affinity for smuggling bottles overseas.


Heavy, damp, weighty aromas. Morning breath, browned slices of apples after too much exposure to air, prunes, honey, and dried spilled Strongbow.

Rich and sweet, woody and raisiny with a blast of toasty oak and vanilla. Nice full bodied flavour with a little lime and then maple syrup as it slowly erodes into a sweeter, gentler finish.


Organic, earthy, and slightly off-putting on the nose. Full bodied and sweet on the palate with a real emphasis on tannic influence. A wholly unique Bunnahabhain and not one to be ignored.

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Green Manelishi said...

I too purchased a bottle at the "duty free" shops. I knew it was an experiment so was willing to take the risk. Not a bad dram.

Anonymous said...

Curious, but not sure I can risk morning breath in my malt!

Anonymous said...


Diageo has announced it wants to close Johnnie Walker in Kilmarnock - not just putting 700 jobs at risk but breaking the link between the town and the whisky. Johnnie Walker was founded in Kilmarnock - sign up below to save Johnnie Walker in Kilmarnock


MacNaBracha said...

Edinburgh airport usually has the Darach Ur, sometimes to taste as well. It's a good one.

Oliver Klimek said...

Yeah, that's a truly extraordinary dram. And it's the first Bunna that I really liked. But I can imagine that this whisky is not everybody's cup of tea.