Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #282

Glenmorangie Golden Rum Cask
Highland Single Malt Whisky


In an airport and am sad to report that I just ate a McD's Angus burger... and am (rightfully?) suffering for my indulgence.

This Glenmorangie Golden Rum Cask 12yo is a not-often-seen bottle that is also bottled at an unusual age for Glenmorangie. I got it at a shelf-clearing sale at Sainsbury's, a British supermarket chain for which Jamie Oliver urges us to "try something new". Again, if that new thing is going to be the Angus burger, AVOID!

Thanks to Serge at WhiskyFun for the image. For more distillery info and to see all Glenmorangie's had on the mission (and more to come this week), click HERE.


Reserved and gently oaky. Apples, chocolate covered raisins, sweet and woody with vanilla and some earty notes, tree bark.

Thin texture with flavours of hazelnuts, toasted almonds, very light coffee impressions with the freshness of orange peels. Oaky finish with a marmalade zestiness.


Oak influence rules here muffling the bitterness that could be louder. As much as I like whisky, and as much as I like tea, this is the plainest of teas. Likeable, standard. And where is the rum? In fact, where is the Glenmorangie?

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