Friday, April 04, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #272

Corriemhor Whisky
Corriemhor Cigar Reserve
Malt Whisky
40% abv

This is a whisky that falls into the new category "blended malt", a designation of Scotch whisky discussed yesterday. It is not a single malt but is a mixture of single malts from more than one distillery, the artist formerly known as "pure" or "vatted" malt.

This is an unusual malt whisky from the blending nose of Richard Paterson of Whyte and Mackay and was, I think, a German exclusive. To see all whiskies marketed as cogar malts, that we've had on the mission, click HERE.

Tasted (at an Edinburgh pub that gets enough promotion and deserves far less) with MH and MS.


Milky coffee, Tim Hortons, upholstery, "grandad's Chevy Caprice." -MH. Sulphury and sweaty, licorice and ham.

Soft as anything can be, bordering on flat. Sweet and smoky. Nutty and gently spicy. Iron like a fireplace cooker, hickory smoke.


"It's good" -MS
Loud flavours but flat, almost lazy, it's weird. Very thick brushstrokes of very thin water colours. Could easily neck the stuff from the bottle, not that that should be easy.

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Anonymous said...

I switched off after Tim Horton's..........


Anonymous said...

Love the Tim Hortons reference. Nothing like acidic, over caffeinated coffee.