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Malt Mission 2008 #274

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Grain Whisky


Today we'll try another whisky to be effected by the new terms being put forth by the SWA to protect scotch whisky on the global market. Kevin Erskine and The Scotch Blog have been addressing this story in recent days (see yesterday's post HERE) and Dr. Whisky had a few things to say at the beginning of this "week" on the Malt Mission (HERE).

This is whisky that may have once been referred to as a
vatted grain whisky, ie. a whisky that is made up of grain whisky (whisky made in column/coffey/continuous stills out of wheat and/or maize and/or barley) from more than one distillery, in this case a 1965 Invergordon(42yo) and a 1979 Cameron Bridge(29yo). This type of whisky will be called BLENDED GRAIN WHISKY (as opposed to SINGLE GRAIN WHISKY) in the future.

Created for the 2007 Whisky LIVE Paris, this whisky is made up of two cracking old grain whiskies from first-fill bourbon barrels. The label is easily one of the most beautiful the whisky world has seen since 1853 when its inspiration, Ushers Old Vatted Glenlivet(see pic to the right), became the very first 'brand' in the world of Scotch whisky. Stunning, I think. Here's hoping the appearance matches the flavour.


Very fresh, toasty and tropical, orange fruits and synthetic orange(TANG, SunnyD, etc.). Lightly mentholic, some cinnamon spice and vanilla. Some middle eastern sweets too, honey, pastry, dates and nuts. Terribly appetising... if you're into this sort of thing.

Gorgeous oaky creaminess, soft and fruity. Grains and oak in great balance. Very rich with raisins and cloves with a long finish that is sweet but juicy and less oaky than might be expected after so much time in cask. Rum-esque. Sexy, sophisticated and succulent.


A 42 year old Invergordon and a 29yo Carsebridge make this 31 year old very happy... and then sad to remember that (I think) all 300ish bottles of the stuff have been sold out. An absolute stunner from a company that for years has been singing the praises of grain whisky as more than just buffer to malts in blended whiskies. Sure it's not for everyone, but those who like it will like it a lot. Find one and buy two.

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