Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #273

Juveniles 20th Anniversary
Compass Box Whisky

Malt Scotch Whisky*

53.9% abv


Back in 2003/4 Compass Box created a few vattings called Juveniles that were successful but discontinued due to the drying up of a certain constituent malt.
Created to celebrate 20 years of Juveniles, Tim Johnston's restaurant in Paris, this whisky from Compass Box joins the Cantos Cask range in its method of creation.

* This is a vatted malt, or what the SWA would like us to refer to as a BLENDED MALT whisky, ie. a mixture of different single malt whiskies without the addition of grain whisky. We have been talking about this in the past two posts (Malt Mission #271 and Malt Mission #272) and I will continue to taste vatted or blended malts and single and vatted grain whiskies over the next few Malt Missions.

Tasted with Chris at TWE.


Rich and fruity with age apparent through oaky tones. A baked sweetness with spice and grain, barley and corn. Soft at bottling strength, but fruitier with water.

Oranges and vermouth, very toasty and sweet like muffin tops. Doughy and crispy, somehow.


Rich nose, but soft. Big palate, but restrained. A nice chewy malt whisky that can handle a good deal of water but is perfectly drinkable at cask strength. A very Compass Box-style whisky with much in common with Oak Cross and the Cantos range.

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