Monday, March 10, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #266

Hazelburn 8yo
Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky
46% abv

This is the first release of the triple-distilled and wholly unpeated expression from Springbank distillery that goes by the name 'Hazelburn', in loving memory of one of the 34 lost Campbeltown distilleries. Closed in 1925, Misako Udo's incredibly detailed book informs us that from 1885-6 the old Hazelburn distillery did indeed use triple distillation.

Springbank Distillery has been producing Hazelburn (unpeated) since 1997 along with Longrow (peated to 55ppm) since 1973. This release came with three different labels, paintings of different distillery activities, all commissioned works by Ian Gray. Was followed by a larger production in 2006 in a different bottle.

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* - this was it's original retail price. If you find a bottle today, expect to pay quite a bit more as it is collectible.


Sweet and estery nose. Caramel and malt. A fruit and cheese board, oaky, sweet and salty. Apples, pears, red grapes, Emmenthal, and brie.

Nice big mouthfeel with a sweet impact, flavours of ice cream and banana at the start, envelope glue and a slice of malted loaf with honey. Great fluid movement of flavours, well-bound and nothing steering in its own direction. More cereal and a grassy freshness to finish.


Awakening with flavour and silky in the mouth. A very impressive youngster.

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