Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #267

Springbank 1993 13yo
The Single Malts of Scotland

Campbelltown Single Malt Whisky
58.7% abv

It is Tuesday.
Slept like shit. Woke up late. One small screw up after another.
A million things on my mind.
But it could be worse.

It really is a delight to have the luxury of enjoying fine whisky. Please appreciate it.

Right now our lives are really mad. Generally, we tend to keep ourselves pretty busy with work and play but now we have the added planning pressures of relocation(we are leaving the UK), sorting visas and the rest of the logistical crap, selling this flat, securing an apartment in the new city/country, getting this f#&king PhD fit to submit, judging in the IWSC, having no fricking money, planning a wedding (yup, there will be a Mrs. Dr. Whisky), and other things that are none of your business...

I am not complaining. It could be worse.

And it will all be fine. When you have the luxury of spending 10-20 minutes with a fine whisky, time can slow down and the worries of the world can seem that much more manageable. No more bombs to or from Gaza, real democracy for the impoverished and oppressed nations of the world, clean water to drink, folded shirts and matching socks... It is all relative and it is all within reach.

You see those people, pale and pressing past old ladies on the tube. Going nowhere. Fast.

Nose. Sip. Breathe. Repeat.
It is Tuesday March 11, 2008. Life IS beautiful. Slow down and notice it. Measure by measure.

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An energetic little fella with a wide array of aromas. Sweet with butterscotch and pineapple, sour like boiled cabbage, spicy like cloves and tea, dusty, salty, and a little bit smoky. Lime comes out with water along with a seaside earthy-turfiness.
Bit of dog hair or a pair of jeans you have been wearing too long since the last wash.

Clinical with lemon-fresh bleach, but sweet like honey and wine gums, peppery spiciness and more smoke than the nose let on. Great long leathery finish with a persistent honey-toffee sweetness.


A pretty high price tag but it is a quality spicy-sweet single-cask Springbank. Sweet, but angry. Perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Dr Whisky - I hope all is mended soon!

Tom said...

Good Dr-
Congratulations! It probably seems like a whirlwind now, but enjoy the new experience (especially about having a Mrs. Dr. Whisky to compare tasting notes with).