Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #268

Springbank 1992 15yo
The Whisky Society
52.6% abv


The Whisky Society is a range of premium whiskies from the people that brought you Single Malts of Scotland. As if that range doesn't reach a limited-enough amount of folks, these releases are smaller batch and determined to be for the very few. And although the folks at Speciality Drinks have chosen a name that conjures up ideas of membership and clubrooms, they say neither feature will surround these releases "that showcase the very best single malt whiskies from our stock of maturing casks."

Says the website, "We have created the Whisky Society to share our passion for superb single malts – the best things in life are even better shared - but only a select few will be lucky enough to appreciate these whiskies with us. A tiny handful of the hundreds of casks we taste each year will be selected for bottling and these releases will normally only be available through this website.

There are no membership fees, house rules, general meetings or secret handshakes at the Whisky Society – your bottle of our malt makes you part of a fraternity of discerning malt-lovers who enjoy savouring a special whisky.

The Whisky Society label is our guarantee that the malt inside these bottles represents the very highest quality. We believe these whiskies to be superlative expressions of their respective distilleries and that they will delight aficionados and connoisseurs of outstanding single malt whisky."

Selling on exclusivity, but obviously impinging on THE whisky society. I would argue that indeed 'the whisky society', if it means anything to anyone, means The Scotch Malt Whisky Society an excellent organisation of which I have been a member since 2003. Sure, for now Google still thinks The Whisky Society means SMWS, but for how long? I have seen 'The Whisky Society' climb up the results list over the past two months. No doubt, the kind folks at SMWS find this a bit out of order. And they are certainly justified.

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Earthy with a grassy sweetness. Horseradish, tundra, mud. With time the nose gets sweeter with some honey and chamomile, but still very earthy, organic and herbal.

Surprisingly soft impact of big flavour, raisins, breakfast cereal, swells with some spice but cools down nicely, ending with honey and lemon-tinged oak. Really lingers with sweetgrass and cornfields.


Well it grew on me. Perhaps my mood, if not my palate, had to adjust. Contains elements of whiskies I love like Clynelish and Balvenie, but is all the while classic Springbank with lambswool and lemon throughout.

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