Friday, March 07, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #265

Glengoyne Robbie's Choice 1989
Highland Single Malt Whisky

55.1% abv


Where does the time go? Friday again. Whooosh.

The final bottling from the 'Choice' series from Glengoyne in 2007, this time from the Distillery Manager who has chosen the only ruby port matured Glengoyne in the warehouse. This one also won a silver medal in the 2007 Malt Maniacs Awards.

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Sweet, inviting and vegetal. Cooked celery, tequila spiciness, rum chocolate-ness... more vegetables with celery seeds, sweet peppers, then fruits with sour cherries, blueberry pie. More and more Rum-my with time. Earthy and spiced.

Whoa, unexpected array from whisky. Rum, chocolate, spicy and silky. So puzzled. No Glengoyne maltiness and flavours not often found by this Doctor. Is this whisky?


If you celebrate the unusual you absolutely must try this. I cannot imagine there are many whiskies that compare flavourwise.

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Anonymous said...

Bowmore Dawn scared me off ruby port finishes forever. Yuck. Whisky should taste like whisky, not port.