Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #197

Chieftain's Cigar Malt Mild
Single Malt Scotch Whisky
54.9% abv


Another whisky from the fifth batch of Chieftain's Cigar Malts. We had the new Classic yesterday and will have the Mild and Robusto today and tomorrow.

I have got to tell you that Googling around for pictures to accompany my posts led me to a few, um, potent images. I was pretty shocked at the volume of erotic and downright dirty photography featuring women (and men, but mostly women) with cigars. And smoking them was only one activity portrayed... use your imagination.

This is an 11 year old whisky finished in madeira casks and is one of 372 bottles. For all "cigar malts" had on the mission click HERE. Tasted with my visiting whisky-loving Finnish friend, TS. His notes appear in quotes.


Plums, oak, and some dried basil. Lemon thyme? Mint maybe, too. Light and fragrant, fresh with youth, "or maybe that is because it is cask strength, you can't feel all the flavours because the alcohol is on top of all the flavours," oaky spice. Gets creamier, more dairy aromas with time, some added spice when water is added. With water, it's a little mouldy, like wet wood, too.

Here comes some flavours that make me think "cigar malt": oily sweetness, wood, varnish, stewed fruits, spice and lingering oakiness. Pleasant and nothing too hamfisted or over the top. Creamy again, without too much grip.


A mild, gentle, and friendly drop that is bittersweet and quite engaging for a "lighter" dram. After work rather than after dinner or nite cap; after all it is the MILD version of their cigar malt. For opinions of others who know something about cigars, see THIS. Fancy a pipe? Go for it.

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