Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Big Brother is Laughing at You

In the UK there are more CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras than there are people in Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester,Liverpool and Bristol COMBINED, almost 10 times as many as there are Doctors and Dentists in the NHS, and a third as many cameras as there are cows (more info?)

And don't you feel safer? Nothing bad ever happens anymore! We all live in a free and democratic society where crime is obsolete, wages just, and opportunities equal.

Of course Big Brother is watching you. Why wouldn't he? Your life is SO interesting, and with all that time free from worrying about crime, you have bought the coolest clothes!!!


So I have a traffic tracker that tells me (StatCounter) how many folks come to the blog each day. It also keeps data on how they arrived at Dr. Whisky, where in the world they are from, how long they stay, etc. While it has proven interesting to know in what country most readers are based and how many folks come each week, the best thing about having the tracker is seeing what terms folks plug into their search engine of choice before arriving at Dr. Whisky.

There are many occasions where I can see what info the reader is after but am aware that the answer will not be found on my blog. Over the past 100 malts, more and more folks have been emailing me directly with their whisky questions. Hopefully, although not necessarily, this means more of them have been answered. But the real highlight of seeing these search terms is being able to see the weird and wacky ones (unfortunately, there have also been some dirty and/or disturbing ones... my own fault for using a
pic called "naked girl"). Here are a few for your entertainment (I did this after 100 Malt Missions too, HERE) :

bassetts wine gums halal? (from Dubai)
drinkable numbing liquid
prickle stimulating balls
caramilk chocolate halal? (from Iran)
kelp cheesecake
value of G
sweaty balls cream
I want to buy a whisky still
Chuck Erlichman library (from New York)
whisky breath gum
with the sheep eyes, and the licorice, guys and dolls
drinking whisky for heart stimulate

silly doctor notes


"I don't like whisky"

Also, over the past 5 months I have noticed a great increase in searches for "Dr. Whisky" or "whiskey doctor" or "doctor whisky". I think that is cool, and I have all of you readers and those I thanked yesterday to credit for that phenomenon.

As I can also see the server name of the visitor, I have seen folks at some of the most prestigious universities and research institutions pointing and clicking around the site, hospitals, government ministries and/or military, newspapers, and all the whisky companies big and small.

So of course Big Brother is watching you. It is SO much fun!!!

Top picks from these past 200 drams and Christmas Whisky recomendations (by request) coming by the end of the week.

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