Monday, July 09, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #116

Innis and Gunn Oak Aged Beer
Limited Edition 2006

7.2% abv


For this special release of Innis & Gunn, the brewers have used a more heavily roasted barley as well as Slovenian hops to add some zest. The beer was filled into ex-bourbon American oak casks and matured for 107 days. After emptying the casks, the brewers decided that it could use more time to marry and develop more carbonation so they laid it down to mature in casks for an additional 47 days. That's 154 days of maturation... Expect some oak-influenced beer!

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Good initial fizzy head that vanishes quickly. Smells of Danish or German rye bread. Sweetish. Vanilla tea. Dark chocolate.

Sweet and heavy, molasses, almost oily mouthfeel. Full bodied like Shiraz. Carob. Oaky and quite fruity. A lingering hoppiness that encourages filling your mouth with the stuff again and again. "The extra alcohol content actually makes this easier to drink" Svein


Peculiar, but satisfying. One is plenty, and you almost need a beer afterwards.
"A pleasant beer, even as a dessert. Excellent to put in a sponge cake" - Svein Knudsen
"Nei, not sweet enough for a sponge cake" - Elisabeth Knudsen

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