Monday, July 02, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #111

Innis and Gunn Oak Beer Tasting notesInnis and Gunn Cask Strength
Oak Aged Beer

Back at Malt Mission 77 I tasted the original Innis & Gunn beer. Please see that post for more brewery details cuz I want to get right down to business. Today we will have the Innis&Gunn Cask Strength oak aged beer to start what will likely be the first of two Speyside-themed weeks.

This release is taken from select casks that reached a higher abv than normal after 77 days of cask maturation. The original release is 6.6% and this stuff comes in at 7.7%

Obviously, using the maturation emphasis and terms like 'cask-strength', the brewers are trying to appeal to whisky drinkers. The box certainly verifies this. Not just marketing though, Innis and Gunn has released some gorgeous award-winning beers.


Woody and kind of grapey. Bready sweetness, toffee. Very appetizing.

Big and rich, crazy smooth. Malt, molasses, and a slight toasty smokiness. Raisin bran? Chocolate covered raisins in a bag of warm popcorn. Almonds. Nothing that gives away the high alcohol strength, but shares the flavour combinations often found in whisky: oak, toffee, malt... and more.


I like beer. And I like this beer. Amazing how the adedd kick goes unnoticed. No, wait.. . i'M nociting it n ow.

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