Monday, June 11, 2007

One Hundred Drams in Solitude

Thanks to many folks, we have made it to Malt Mission 100... and it looks like we will be able to continue for at least a few more weeks...

Although I tend to taste each dram in solitude it wouldn't be possible without the help and support of others
So today, we say THANK YOU(and I let my liver rest):

Kris Gilmartin (author of the Scottish Sunday Post article pictured on right)
Matt and Mariah for sending me that pic
Misako Udo, Gavin Smith, Charlie Maclean, and Sukhinder Singh for being so supportive and forthcoming with
Kevin Erskine (who let me contribute in May)

Mark Gillespie (who linked and mentioned Dr. Whisky in Whisky Cast episode 91)
Darren Turpin wrote about Dr. Whisky @ The Genre Files
Chris Bunting (Nonjatta), Colin Ligertwood (For
Peat Sake), Colin Campbell (Whisky Blog), Sku of Sku's Recent Eats, Jay Williams' Aphoristic Subplot, all you nuts at EUWOLS, Naresh at Sound of the Cinema, and any more I am forgetting(sorry), who have all linked to Dr. Whisky.
EVERYONE who has forwarded links to friends and colleagues via email, etc.
Those who have sent me/helped me source whiskies:
The Whisky Exchange

Royal Mile Whiskies
Vintage House
Andy Forrester (formerly ofJon, Mark, and Robbo, and Cellar Trends)

Barry and Barry at Premium Bottlers
Chivas Brothers
William Grant and Sons
Whyte & Mackay
Glengoyne/Ian Macleod Distillers
Compass Box Whisky
Marcie Hume who helped me make this video
Espen Knudsen for challenging me to do this and Kristin Knudsen for putting up with it.

and if I have forgotten you or if you feel you deserve a thank you, then THANK YOU.

I would also like to use this space to ask those major (Glenmorangie plc, Diageo, Pernod/Chivas, Bacardi, Willam Grant & Sons, Morrison Bowmore) and independent (Gordon & Macphail, Benriach, Bruichladdich) companies that lurk on Dr. Whisky, searching these pages each week (I can SEE you), step up and help this blog by sharing or continuing to share press info, samples, etc. As the stats to the right indicate (more data available upon request), thousands of people are using this web resource and your products are getting 'free' exposure. I am delighted to continue so long as I can, so please, play a part (contact info). Cheers.

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Anonymous said...

well done sam. sterling efforts

Anonymous said...

A fine century.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Doc. Keep it up for another hundred!

Matthew said...

Congratulations, Sammy! I love this blog. Keep it up, even if you run out of new whiskies!