Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #68

Balblair 16 yoBalblair 16 yo
Highland Single Malt Whisky
40% abv


Balblair is the fourth oldest distillery still in operation (after Glenturret, Bowmore, and Strathisla) and was built by John Ross in 1790. The present buildings are quite adorable and date from the 1870s. Hiram Walker bought the distillery in 1970 and it became a key malt in Ballantine's blends.

After surviving years in the 1990's under threat of mothballing, Inver House Distillers added Balblair to their interesting stable of distilleries in 1996. Since 2000 they have released a great line-up of standard bottlings as well as a few stellar premium examples (the 38yr old being one of the greatest whiskies I have ever had the pleasure of drinking).

This is a bottling that has been discontinued to be replaced by a series of vintages you may have already seen at your favourite retailer or in Whisky Magazine this month. Let's taste this disappearing beauty.


Sweaty, salty, and summery; beach volleyball. Honey and hazelnuts, wine and walnuts, apple and almonds; Haroseth(or Charoset). Floral. Raisins. Bubblegum. A subtle, slightly sour, organic or earthy peatiness. Complex but approachable. "Friendly and familiar" - My Mom

Very deep. Scoops of vanilla yoghurt, maybe ice cream, and raisins. Cocoa. Whispers of fresh citrus, lemongrass, galangal; lots from the oak, sherry, cedar. Toffee pudding. Almost overwhelming in density of flavour. Develops beautifully in the glass.


A whisky that is very ALIVE. So exciting and was great value (I used it in one of my pre-Malt Mission posts), it is sad to lose it. Great outdoors sunset dram to sit in silence with loved ones and slowly milk each serving. "I would love to drink that outdoors. Romantic. Not for medicinal purposes."- My Mom.

* - Prices are old list prices. Sadly, the product has been discontinued and, when found, this bottle will likely sell for more than this price.

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