Friday, April 20, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #65

Blair Atholl 12yo (1994-2006)
Single Malt Whisky

McGibbon’s Provenance
Sherry Butt 2864

46% abv

Another week gone. I can't believe this Malt Mission is still going!!! Thanks for reading, commenting, linking, and sharing samples.

I tasted this beauty (again) at Ran's flat one morning in Edinburgh last weekend while he snored in bed wearing an eye-mask.

This is the bottling selected by the Edinburgh University Water of Life Society on 20th April 2006, back when we were President and First Lady. In 2005 and 2006, Susan from Douglas Laing came to offer us casks to taste and choose a bottle to put our names to, ie. "Selected by the Edin Uni WOLS under guidance of committee members, etc." It was sold exclusively through The Whisky Shop. These were always great tastings and Susan was a stellar host. The first year we chose a cracking Clynelish 15yo and last year selected this buttery gem from an underappreciated-as-a-single-malt distillery.

For more on Blair Athol distillery see Malt Mission #42


Assertive oak and sherry, a confident nose. Fudge and lime. Great mix. Dairy Milk Fruit&Nut. Some damp shower towel (or that could be the laundry in the corner of Ran's room)

Mmm, chewy. Buttery. Croissants, or the taste of the smell of croissants. Arrowroot cookies, toast with butter and orange marmalade. Short oaky finish that is drying to its close.


Very tasty stuff, rich with butter and freshness. Great consistency between nose and palate which is something I appreciate. Good sherry character without overpowering the baked-goods flavour of the malt. Finish is a little short, if I had to find one criticism. Great stuff, tho.

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