Thursday, April 19, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #64

Highland Park 15 yo (1990)
Island Single Malt
The Alchemist (Gordon Wright)
46% abv

We will end the Edinburgh-themed week with two other drops I was allowed to enjoy while in Edinbugh. This one I tried at Matt and Mariah's flat in Leith after Malt Mission 61. Big thanks guys. And yummy mashed potatoes!!!

This is an Achemist bottling from Gordon Wright who used to work at the distillery his family owns, Springbank, as well as being a co-founder of the reborn Bruichladdich distillery. He is a passionate man when it comes to whisky, but his Alchemist label brings attention to other spirits, calvados, and armagnac (so far). He is, I gather, quite involved in the The Whisky School, the very website/organisation that held a video competition (we entered this video) with a desirable prize and never, to my knowledge awarded any contributor. Further, my emails about this have gone unanswered. Weak.

If you want more info about Highland Park please see these posts.

Written on the side of the bottle is the following, "I created Alchemist to bring together the world's most carefully crafted aged spirits. The selection of this fine example was made with expertise born of many years in Single Malt Scotch Whisky, firstly at my family's distillery-Springbank- and latterly at Bruichladdich. You will value its magical properties and purity." Despite the awkward second sentence, we venture to see if the third is true.

Matt's impressions are in quotes.


"Fresh sea air, then thickening with leather and pepper," or peppery leather like beef jerky... without the beef? Ice cubes, some kind of candy, fake fruit essence, "Malibu rum and pineapple." Floral, like the heathery stuff on Arthur's Seat. Raw almonds.

"That's amazing."
Did you just say that?
"Yeah, I really enjoy that."
Great movement between bourbony oak, truffles and earth to the synthetic fruits and tropical sun creams/suntan lotion, ending with dry oak, "a little bit of nuttiness," and dust in a cold basement.


Revisted after some time, "more malt. fruit becomes less tropical, more citrus-y". Clouds immediately in the glass so you know all the tasty oils are in there waiting to be enjoyed. Overall, we quite enjoyed this Highland Park, but figure it would take more than one dram to notice its "magical properties"

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