Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #57

Milroy's of Soho Auchentoshan 1990, 16yo
Single Malt Scotch Whisky
46% abv

One of the three lowland distilleries to survive into the 21st century, Auchentoshan is a beautiful old distillery located near the Clyde west of Glasgow that sources its water from what would technically be classified as the Highlands and was seriously bombed during World War II. Auchentoshan is Scotland's only distillery to use one wash, one intermediate and one spirit still to triple distill the spirit. The resulting abv is 82%.

This is a single cask bottling from the reputable Milroy's of Soho and was discovered on our living room table upon our return from our North American Adventures. Our good friends Jonathan Seet and Michelle Buckley stayed here while we were away and left us several lovely thank-you treats, including this bottle. So let's taste it.


Light, but pleasingly dense nose. Carob and fresh tea leaves. Cherry pie, pickled ginger, oak and wet hay.

Raw meat, sour cream, warm butter, cooked broccoli, eventually turning to vanilla, pumpkin pie, and licorice allsorts.


Very deep dram from a region from which most people expect light, simple whiskies. I found the initial flavours initially off-putting, but upon revisiting the dram, the chewiness really endeared them to me. There is an alternating balance between oak and candied sweetness in the finish that can satisfy a palate for minutes.

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