Thursday, March 29, 2007

North American Adventure #3

The weather has been very nice, the beer bubbly, and Kristin arrived Wednesday. Life is good.

These drams are from an afternoon spent with two 21 year olds. And an older, balder, and much more fun Frindian. Inder's notes are in quotation marks. Tasted at the LCBO Tasting Tower at Summerhill in Toronto.

Glenfiddich 21yo Gran ReservaGlenfiddich 21 Gran Reserva Havana
Rum Cask Finish
40% abv



The Glendiffich 21yo Gran Reserva is finished in rum casks and used to be called the Havana Reserve. Due to the US embargo on Cuban products the name was changed to Gran Reserva and many American retailers advertise that it is aged in Caribbean rum casks. Whatever.

This stuff won a gold medal at the 2006 IWSC

For more Glenfiddich distillery info go see Malt Mission #28


Potpurri, unlit incense, vanilla and oak, cloves, BRIO or chinotto

"Thin and sweet". Oak explodes in the mouth with lime and brown sugar. "Grapes". White ones, chardonnay and oak paneling in a bar/tavern that has recently banned smoking.


Our impressions were really positive, but the best adjective for the experience was "fine". Yeah, it is 'fine' whisky, no off-notes and lots of oaky flavours, but it didnt do too much for us. It is an elegant whisky in that all of its flavours are well integrated like a good sauce; nothing stands out but together the stuff goes well on rice, pasta, or bread. I guess we just coulda used some bread.

Balevenie 21yo Port Wood
40% abv

$160.15 (CAD)
$130 (USD)

For more info on the Balvenie distillery, please look to future Malt Missions.


I rarely note colour, but this one is distinctly pinkish in the glass. Smells of pina colada, orange Crush, creamsicles. "Red grapes and dusty books". Age and basement mustiness lurks beneath the sexy, creamy sweetness on top.

Mmmm... "Mmmmm..."
Great mouthfeel from all those years in bourbon casks. Deep and dark. "Coffee grinds." Lamb fat. Very little of what the nose suggests, but finishes with a balance of the two perceptions... quickly.


Very tasty whisky that makes a happy camper out of anyone lucky enough to stick their nose in a glass of the stuff. Hard to get your nose out and actually drink the stuff, it is that interesting to smell. "Yup. Now let's go get a beer and a burger". Off to the Victory Café...

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