Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #47

Isle of Arran
Calvados Finish
Island Single Malt Whisky
60.1% abv

This is from a sample that Euan Mitchell sent us (over a year ago) and we thank him very much. The original release in 2003 was limited to 591 bottles, and was the first in the series of wood finishes brought out by Arran.

It is amazing that Arran has been able to succeed against all odds. Everyone thought is was crazy for Harold Currie to start a new distillery (on an island, no less) in a time when others were closing distilleries, but he obviously had a vision, taking great risks and insisting on certain equipment, no matter the cost. The results have been impressive, we bought the absolutely delicious Anniversary release, and look forward to the future of aged Arran releases.


Very spicy nose, oaky, sour apples and wine gums.

Sweet but spicy, baked apples, vanilla... With water, the mouthfeel is velvety. Finishes with a warming oak fade, with vanilla and the smell of apple sweets blowing around. Drying. Peanut oil.

SUMMARY: Cut with water, this whisky cleans up a bit, opening up more malty sweetness, cinnamon, and Hob Nobs. This cask is a perfect match for Arran's malty sweet spirit, adding fruitiness and spice.

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There have been a series of Calvados releases, all with slightly different %abv, so I am not sure which release this one is, so the price may not be accurate. I think it is the one bottled in February 2005.

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