Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Canadian Invasion

Yes, it has been twelve weeks since I began this Malt Mission, and I thank all of you for reading and sharing and linking and drinking.
And thanks for helping make our whisky video pass 2000 views.

I tasted Canadian Club yesterday because I am off to Canada today and will not be able to continue the mission on a regular basis until the second week of April.

But fear not!
I will certainly pay a few visits to the LCBO Tasting Tower(s) to taste a few, will hopefully meet the dedicated whisky pioneers(of sorts) Premium Bottlers and a few of their products, get the chance to pilfer American liquor marts when I am in Boston and Washington, and will also be hosting a whisky tasting of 5 cask strength whiskies in Toronto. Will definitely post some notes from all of my (North) American Adventures...

So Happy Easter, Passover, and Egg Salad Week

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