Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #37

The Arran Malt
Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
43% abv

Arran is the first distillery on the island of the same name since 1837, so although distilling is not new to the isle, it has only had a recent rebirth. Opened in 1995 and founded by Harold Currie, former Director of Chivas Brothers and House of Campbell, the distillery has, from the start, gone against the insustry trends. It was not seen as a wise move to open a new distillery in 1990s as it was a climate of CLOSING distilleries that prevailed. Arran began full production the day after my 19th birthday(legal drinking age in Ontario), so it is really as old as my drinking life, which I think is quite cool.

This is the chill-fitered version of the no-age-statement Arran Malt which has been replaced by the 10 year old. This chill-filtered unaged expression will stick around for a while yet.

More about Arran from a recent post on The Scotch Blog


Sweet flavoured cream cheese up high and malty depth with a sort of sweet/sour lemon juice smell bringing the two together. Salty like butter. Spirity alcohol is present, but not out of place or offensive. Really quite inviting.

Delicate and yet firm, again due to the alcohol presence that doesnt really harm the impressions. Maltiness prevails, good clean whisky taste. Finish turns pleasantly sweet like scent of flower with a brioche bready sweetness that lasts suprisingly long.


Very charming stuff and great evidence that young whisky is not necessarily bad. It could easily be regarded as simple and lacking in character, but I find it subtle and charming, carrying distinct flavours that are, we are learning, the house style of the make. The non-chillfiltered version benefits slightly from carrying more overt cask influence and sort of waxy, sappiness that is really pleasant. Point is that Arran is making good spirit and we all look forward to the future. I just wish they would tone it down a bit on the line of finishes.

* no longer stocked, replaced by the 10year old.

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